Friday, January 1, 2010

a year in review!

For from HIM and through HIM
and to HIM are all things.

To HIM be glory forever! Amen!
-Romans 11:36
we are going green this year and have decided to post our new year letter rather than print and mail it. our tradition is to give a review of all that has happened in the past year. for those of you that follow this blog continually, the following could bore you to tears, but for those that are stumbling upon it via our new year cards...hopefully you will find it slightly entertaining.

lance completed his fifth summer as the director of the ranch camp at pine cove. the Lord has used his job to encourage him, stretch him, bless him, and empower him. he is learning to balance the many roles that he has from day to day- most importantly husband and father. he had the opportunity to recruit at many schools in the fall, including schools in oklahoma, georgia, and alabama. at the beginning of the year he will make his first trip out of the country. you can be praying for him and his team as they do commission camping in Guatemala.

mandy is realizing that there is not enough time in the day to get everything done, but has adopted a new theme of "keep it easy" (hence the blog title). she continues to be the cook, maid, and memory keeper of the home and wife, mom, and nurse to the family. with the realization that allie will only be home for the next year and a half, mandy is inspired to be more intentional with her time with the kids.

allie is our independent leader! i guess that is what first born kids do. she loves being the mom any chance she gets, but is usually reminded that she is the sister! she has changed so much in one year. she can play the computer, loves to practice riding without training wheels, and get dressed without help. she still loves the color pink and "spinney dresses."

caleb is our sensitive child and has continued to also be our million dollar kid. in september he broke his leg and was in a non-walking cast for four weeks. it didn't slow him down for long and he is still a speed demon! he spends his days riding his bike, playing with his train set, or wielding his sword in hopes that dad will fight back.

riley was our new addition this year. he has been a dream come true as the parents of 3. there were days that he could easily be forgotten because he was so quiet and content. his little personality is beginning to show now and it seems he could be our risk taker. he has just turned ten months and is already walking and he can light up a room with his little four tooth smile!

we realize that this year has also had its fill of bumps, bruises, deaths, and tears, but we chose to focus on the blessings instead. we are completely undeserving of what we have been given, but also beyond thankful for God's goodness. rather than hoping for a wonderful 2010, we are simply asking the Lord to work in and through us for HIS glory! May his name be praised!

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  1. Love it. Love it. Love it. Did not find it boring at all (even though I knew everything - hee hee!) Just printed the picture for the frig (which is now complete)

  2. love the update, even though I stay updated! I love you guys and am so thankful for your friendship and example! have a great new year and maybe I will get to see you this year???!!


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