Wednesday, October 29, 2008

dreams really do come true!

i get to be married to him....


thanks for letting me be a part of it!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

how do you title this?

so we were at the plant nursery on Thursday afternoon. caleb was crawling around in one of the wagons, allie was running up and down the aisles, and lance and i were trying to decide between purple or orange pansies. please visualize with us that we were in a huge tented area (possibly the size of a football field) and all the flowers are on the ground, making it possible to see from one end to the other easily.

we finally settled on the orange for a fall color and lance began collecting 15 to fill a flat. i had walked to the door of the tent to watch caleb when i suddenly heard, "Allie, honey!" upon turning around my husband was holding a large flat of pansies and completely exposed from the waist down. seriously... no pants, no underwear, and no hands to help!!!!!!

i'm tearing up just writing it... hands down... the funniest moment of my life. after i recovered, lance explained that when he began to walk toward the door allie thought he was leaving her. she started running, tripped, and in desperation grabbed his pants - pulling them all the way to his ankles.

i hope this brings a boost to anyone needing a good laugh today!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

update on baby #3

everything has gone well with this pregnancy. i was sick in the first trimester for the first time ever, but it was a small price for the reward in the end. all my tummy checks with the doctor have been positive and we've heard the heart beat several times. i'm writing to ask for a little prayer a week from tomorrow. lance and i will be going in on Oct. 31st to see a specialist. my doctor referred us as a precautions with the history of caleb's heart. the largest purpose of the appointment is to determine the condition of this baby's heart before labor. if something were to look unusual, my doctor would have me deliver this baby in dallas where they have the facilities to handle those issues. my doctor, lance, and myself do not anticipate finding anything other than the ordinary, but as the day approaches my mind has wondered to the what ifs. as our friends and family, we are asking that you keep the health of this baby and the this doctor (kevin mcgee) in your prayers.

thanks so much friends!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

playin' with pumpkins

first off... how about it?? five posts in one week... pretty amazing!

second... i've been feeling like a slacker of a mom lately and decided it was time to get creative and educational with my children (after all, i am a teacher)! this week we studied the letter P and had all sorts of fun with pumpkins. hopefully, at some point, our kids will do the P rap for you! It was pretty cute. HA!

These are the paper pumpkins that we made. the kids had fun tearing paper and using a glue stick. allie decided to hang these in the window for our dog, cooper, to enjoy!

We also bought a bag of mini pumpkins and had an afternoon of painting. this really was a fun time. painting outside is the best... mommy, doesn't seem to stress as much.

this is when caleb first started... it is a long story, but make sure and notice allie in time out behind caleb on the porch... the facial expression is GREAT!

check out that color blending...
allie was soo proud of her creations. she has been moving them all over the place. it makes me smile to walk around the corner and find pumpkins in a new spot.

Friday, October 10, 2008

great time for fishin'!

our friends, kevin and stephanie, invited us to their pond for some afternoon fishing! the kids were really excited. we have taken them before, but they have never caught anything.

this is caleb "helping" daddy get the gear ready...

allie is casting with her barbie doll fishing rod....

she couldn't believe it! a fish... and a pretty big one!

posing with her first catch!
sadly... caleb didn't catch anything this time, but i'm sure he will soon!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

dragon flies

i don't know what was happening on Tuesday afternoon, but our neighborhood was taken over by dragonflies! it was the craziest thing i have ever seen... the kids were literally running through them like they were bubbles! i was beginning to think that i was participating in a modern day plague. here are some pics, but they don't do the scene justice because my camera was not picking them up! however.... how about that grin???

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

pappy's pumpkin farm

this is my FAVORITE time of year!!! and this year we tried out a new pumpkin patch and it was incredible. we weren't able to get a good shots of the kids together, but we had fun watching them get excited about everything that there was to do...

feeding catfish....
funny faces...
tractors, wagons, and pumpkins everywhere...

see-saw, merry-go-rounds, slides, playhouse....
and their absolute favorite was the barrel cars (they rode this four times)...


lance and i were able to get away for some much needed R and R. the destination was Seattle, Washington. we've never been there and it is, hands down, the most beautiful place in the US that i've been to yet. there are plants, flowers, and trees EVERYWHERE you look. the brief rundown of our time is as follows:

underground historical tour... very cool!
baseball game... poor mariners
open market
site seeing
seafood tasting

it was the perfect opportunity to reconnect and remember how to slow down and enjoy being together!

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