Tuesday, December 30, 2008

better late than never...


we've had something going on everyday since caleb's birthday party and i'm just getting a chance to tell everyone about his big day. we had lots of family come in and help celebrate and it was really fun. the day began with all of us (both sets of grandparents, sis, mom, and dad) waking him up with balloons and the birthday song. He was sleepy, but loved all the attention!

i made him a firetruck cake (his request) and i think he liked it! that is all he wanted to eat all day.

the gift opening went in rounds because he just wanted to play with the things he got and would become uninterested in what else there was to open. He also had LOTS of help from his big sister (as you can see).

one of his big gifts was a new trike... this is a man trike... check out the size of those tires. his feet are just starting to reach the pedals. i think he'll be fast by this summer.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas time at the siscos

christmas has been so much fun this year with allie. we've had some amazing conversations about what we are celebrating. i love hearing her remind caleb that christmas lights remind us of the light of the world, Jesus! and that Jesus was the BEST gift ever given! these are precious memories! here are just a few snaps of us enjoying our tree at home.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

reason to celebrate!

we just had our two year check up with the pediatric cardiologist today. i was so proud of our little man. he laid still on the table and was all together just soo brave!! we were pleased for Dr. laird to report that everything looked great with caleb's heart. there was no sign of narrowing veins, the actual spot of the surgery still looked clean, and his lungs looked great too (which is another indication of heart problems). on the drive home i had a great time praising the Lord for his continued protection of our precious child. i definitely have not taken health for granted since December of 2006. i wanted to share our great news so that you could join us in praising our mighty God!

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