Sunday, March 31, 2013


we had just moved in last Easter so we really enjoyed celebrating this year!

the kids made their Easter Mountain and added more people than EVER this time... it's all in the details!

Riley made his own resurrection eggs and was so proud!

we found an adorable printable on pintrest and i let each kid pick a friend to "egg."  if you want a good laugh next Easter... do this!!  they were so sneaky and we laughed sooo hard!

on sunday, lance and i sat outside in the lobby for Easter service because the sanctuary was full.  we were just glad so many people were at church and we prayed that the Spirit would move them towards a lifetime of loving Jesus!

a person miracle occurred in that we actually caught some cute pictures of our kids

after church we had another family join us for lunch.  the kid table was no martha stewart, but they enjoyed coloring and the mountain in the middle.

carrot cake for dessert. egg style

fun times with friends

my new egg garland... i heart target!

after lunch we had an egg hunt... griffin's first

he was a little confused...

but he caught on!

it was a really great day of celebrating an unspeakable Gift of God with close friends!  we missed you, family!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

1/2 way through my 30s

i turned my bday into a weekend celebration and i don't feel bad about it a bit.  ;) 
after the fam left the lake house.  i had two friends (ashley and laura) join me for a scrapbook weekend.  we had so much fun catching up on our family photos that we didn't take any photos of ourselves!! 

here are a few pages i worked on:

the next morning, my family still "threw balloons" at me for my bday via face time. 

when i came home the next day, our flower beds were filled with beautiful flowers... don't know how my man managed all four kids and still pulled this off!  such a beautiful addition to the house.

we had a bday toast with green lemonade.  

and an A-mazing cake that my husband made himself!!

i mean, soooooooo good!!  chocolate peanut butter cake. 

lots of fun surprises....

allie made me a paper chain with 35 reasons why she loves me... it was the most thoughtful gift one of our kids has given me.  they were such cute reasons!  my favorite was, because "your so ause-some!"
lance gave me tickets to see wicked.... those pics will be posted shortly!  best. gift. ever!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break on the Lake!

we had the amazing opportunity to go back the lake house that we went to last year around this time.  the bigs were off for spring break so we grabbed two other families and headed to Lake Texoma.  i took almost 60 pictures and could not come close to posting my favorites.  here is a sampling so that you won't hate me forever! 

the weather was PERFECT!!!  warm enough to be in swim suits on the beach... and some crazy kids actually got in the water, but it was CHILLY in there!

one evening we did smores for some added sugar before bed... always a must on vaca.

these are my precious friends Kristen and Angela

this is Angela's fam

and this is Kristen's man and Lance's partner in crime at work.

there was lots of cruising the beach

and plenty of goofing around

we even got to have a little visit with ms. Lily who lives next door.  Allie has fallen in love with her and this time we got to bring two friends along. She serves chocolate milk in little tea cups and asks lots of questions.  such a fun time to visit with her!

AND-this man is my hero... after three days here... he took all the kids and let me have some girl time for the weekend.  We got the whole lake house to ourselves and did a total of 24 hours of scrapbooking and only 10 hours of sleep. 
we ever so grateful for the generous family that let's us borrow their amazing home and build lots of memories together.  when the weather warms up, we'll be doing some memory making in a tent!!  stay tuned for that!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


can. not. believe. that i never blogged valentine's day. 
man, i've got to slow it down around here! 

here is the silly sisco card that we sent to our grandparents.  everyone enjoyed participating with their tumb print and i think it turned out pretty cute.  

caleb's cards for school were total boy and a big hit with his friends.

allie shared an eraser with everyone.

and the kiddos woke up to a special spread on the table that morning.  the little lip straws were my favorite part... so funny!

i'm homeroom mom for caleb's class so we were at his party.  i thought it was really sweet that caleb got riley a chair so that he could sit right next to him!

sorry to be behind on this one, but i could NOT skip it!

Friday, March 1, 2013

our littlest one... another year older!!

he's not so little anymore!  insert HUGE sad face here!!!

so this kid didn't love the attention quite so much.  the balloons and singing were too much for him and he was instantly wondering where his doughnut was.  ha!  

ahhh, there it is!!  yay!!

trying to blow that candle out

the eating part was NOT difficult!

 look how big he is!!!

the fourth kiddo gets so much help opening presents!

 we polished off the day with some sherbet since he can't have ice cream.  i think he liked it.  
what do you think?

 and after he went to bed, we all had pizookies in his honor!

happy birthday little, big man!!
let the adventure continue!!

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