Wednesday, February 25, 2009

more from the hospital!

i've already gotten complaints about our blog notices slowing down.... i guess everyone is going through withdraws from lance's witty updates. sorry to say that he has returned blogging power to me - meaning that entries from this point forward may be only half as funny!
the morning began with a piece of heaven. i LOVE shipleys do-nuts, but it is super far away from our home. Luckily... it is just around the corner from the hospital and my man was sweet to get up and treat me this morning! thanks babe!

here is a cute pic of caleb getting to know his new brother/roommate/buddy. he is singing "twinkle, twinkle little star" (a favorite of his to sing to my belly the last few months).

look at those long toes and feet!

riley cuddling with his new bear from cousins taylor and blake!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's a Boy!

Riley Luke Sisco
8 lbs, 9 oz
22" long

Mom & Dad with the new little man.

Grammie & Poppie Sisco

Mimi & Paw Paw Smith

Riley with a "sick" comb over!

Proud Allie with "her new baby."

"movin' on up"

It's 2:15pm and dr. fanning said she's an 8!

she may be an 8 in the stirrups, but she's a 10 in my eyes and #1 in my heart!!

baby is going to join us soon so this is the last update until after the baby's arrival.

until then....

"waiting on the world to change"

so we're literally just waiting...

Just downed some Scholotzsky's, best buns in Texas, and saw Benjamin Button[see the above pic] in the waiting room. How stinkin' cool is that?

Not a lot of progress since the last update unless you consider a catheter as progress...

name the artist...

In case you can't tell, each blog entry is the title of a song. Be the first to name the artists along with a $500 donation and your name will be put into a raffle to win a photo shoot with the new baby!

*all proceeds go toward the "sisco kids for higher education" fund. need not be present to win.

"My Life Would Suck Without You"

It's 9:45am and the epidural is on its way!

What an incredible reminder of grace.

Mandy is at a 4 and the contractions are becoming more consistent.

"Rain Down"

so a lot has happened since the last post...

the good doc just broke her water and she's officially at a 3.

this show is on the road!

"we've only just begun..."

So we're all checked in and mandy's downing the ice chips. She's currently at a 2 1/2 so we've got a little ways to go. good news is she loves her new actually has her family crest on it! The blood pressure cuff is continually reminding her that it's there for the long haul and the contractions have been pretty steady since 2:00am. until next time...

Monday, February 23, 2009

ready or not.....

here it comes! the sisco family will number 5 by this time tomorrow. we are headed for an induction at 5:30 am. the change comes because i have had contractions on and off for three days straight, i haven't slept in three nights, and today i am having terrible abdominal pain! after my doctor appt. today we learned that i had dilated quit a bit and tomorrow would be the day!

stay tuned for more updates!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

baby number three!!!

well, we are down to two weeks or less! our other two kids came during my 38th week of pregnancy which officially begins tomorrow. if i happen to go till the 40th week, my doctor will induce me on tuesday, march 3rd!

cast your votes now and let us know who thinks boy and who thinks girl. we are getting very anxious to see what we are having, what he/she looks like, and how he/she changes the dynamics of our family!

allie says (almost everyday), "mommy, this baby is taking a LONG time to get here!"

i agree! HA!

we will be posting updates via facebook and this blog when i do go into labor so even our friends that are far away can participate in the fun!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day

We don't usually get into valentine's day traditions. In fact, lance and i usually go to Walmart, find a card for one another, exchange them in the aisle, and put them back. However, this year we were in desperate need for a date so he surprised me on Thursday with an evening away. I think i can speak for moms everywhere when i say that when your man finds a babysitter, plans an evening, and is home on time to pull it all off.... you feel deeply loved and super special! I'm so proud of my guy. He's also been listening b/c i've been on a chocolate rampage for weeks and just LOOK at what i got (oh, yeah... 1/2 lb of hand selected chocolates! and, yes, this is only a few of them b/c i quickly ingested the rest)
For the kids this morning... a simple, but thoughtful heart pancake breakfast with pink milk. They got to dig into our valentine box and got fun stuff from their grandparents. We gave them those little bags full of jelly bellies (their currently favorite candy)! It has been a fun saturday around here and we hope you're feeling loved today as well!!


Friday, February 13, 2009

sportin' the new glasses!

pine cove was giving away free sun glasses on wednesday. the kiddos love wearing them... even while watching a cartoon! caleb likes to walk around saying, "i'm a cool dude!" and allie just keeps shouting, "take my picture!"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

our little engineers!

they do NOT get this talent from their mommy. they kept asking me to help them build blocks yesterday morning... i didn't even know what to do. they take after dad in this area!

Monday, February 9, 2009

getting ready for the baby!!

yesterday i made two signs....

we'll see which one gets to hang on the hospital door!

making valentine cards!

allie and i had fun painting and making valentine cards for friends and family. caleb made two brush strokes and then played games nearby on the floor. apparently, painting is not his thing!

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