Saturday, January 9, 2010

it isn't getting warmer...

so we decided to make a snowman (thanks to this blog friend)!

didnt' they do a great job. i covered the boxes and helped a little with cutting circles, but they did the rest! and, yes, that is a real carrot nose!
we also pulled out the trusty playdough!
caleb is growing up b/c his attention span has really grown... look at all the bears he made!


  1. Wow! At first glance I thought you must have the most artistic three year old ever to grace this earth. Then I realized the bear faces and appendages were plastic. haha I can't wait until Gabe is old enough to do fun projects like these.

  2. KOOL!!! Finally a snowman that Poppy would approve of. It's really cute and Allie, I love your slippers! Oh, and Caleb.....Grammy really, really loves the orange bear!! Go Pokes!
    Mommy is doing an awesome job keeping you guys busy while daddy is away. Love you all!


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