Friday, January 8, 2010

staying warm...

we woke up this morning to 18 degrees! brrrr! how do you make the time pass with three kids inside all day???

make sweetrolls!!!
it was messy, but it was fun!!
and the end prodcut should be yummy!!!
the finished product. and, yes, these are the pioneer woman's cinnamon rolls! amazing! you can find the recipe here!


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  2. Awesomely weird...........would you believe I too just made these same Pioneer Woman cinn. rolls to take to Kent last week??? Love the pics of the kiddos!!! You're right....they were alot of work. I wish I could have had these same little workers helping me!!

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  4. weren't those THE most amazing rolls ever! worth every minute of the really long time it takes to make them!

  5. btw...i thought i could pull a fast one and freeze them to pull out while family was here. it didn't work at all...they were hard. i was so disappointed :-(

  6. oh boo! steph froze hers and said they were great. if it doesn't work... i'll have to make more for lance! he has to try them!


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