Thursday, September 20, 2007

a day of surprises... and not the fun kind!

i think that today's entry is more for therapy reasons than anyone else's need to know. So thanks for letting me spill all.... i took both kids to bible study this morning. Allie went kicking and screaming - which is not normal, but i assumed we were experiencing some almost two attitude. As we walked into her class she latched onto my leg with huge tears pouring down her cheeks. As i was trying to convince her that it would be fun and that that "dolly over there needs a stroller ride" caleb leaked liquid poop down my back side. i know, you're thinking a line of poop or a little spot. oh, no... not even close - it was more like a 9 inch puddle of poo.

so... what is a mom to do???
1. caleb took a bath in the church sink

2. he went back to his class in just a diaper (it just couldn't be a day that i had the extra change of clothes in the car)

3. i washed my shirt and put it back on wet

4. walk into bible study smelling something awful and apologized over and over

5. on the return drive home, all three of us cried at some point

we finally got home and i thought that the drama of the day was over, but sadly... no!

caleb crashed from exhaustion and i started making allie lunch. she was doing ok until she ate some pineapple. you would have thought that she lost a limb the way she started crying. upon examination, i realized that she had a penny sized sore on her tongue.

you guessed it... off to the doctor... where we got the news that she has a virus and there is no medication for the five sores in her mouth... just tylenol and TLC.

so there you have it! we are all worn out and hoping that allie sleeps through the night! His mercies are new every day! Thank goodness.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


caleb had his 9 month well check this week. he's doing great. weighed in at 17 lbs, 10 oz and was 29 and 1/2 inches long! the doc says he can eat anything he wants and can start milk in Nov. YEAH! grow, caleb, grow!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

caleb's 9 month pics
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the terrifying car seat

today we threw the kids into the car for the fourth weekend in a row. have you ever done that... been in the process of doing something, while you're thinking, "this could possibly bring life as we know it to a complete end!" They really were letting us know that they were NOT happy with this decision!

however, they settled and we seemed to get to Dallas rather quickly. We spent about half an hour in Stonebriar mall in Frisco. We went straight to the indoor playground. Between keeping an eye on Allie as she darted in and out of tunnels, changing two dirty diapers, and looking over to see caleb standing up with his pants around his ankles we had a pretty great time!

we were able to meet uncle kent and his girlfriend hannah (she's a sweetie) for lunch. we enjoyed a little cheesecake factory... which, i must say, is very kid friendly. who would have guessed... they bring you a child plate with bread and sliced banana for free before you even order. THANK YOU cheesecake factory!

All in all, our six hour trip to Dallas and back was a wonderful. but i think we will take a break from the car for awhile... well, the kids and i will... i guess dad has to start recruiting soon... BOO!

Friday, September 14, 2007

controlled chaos

today would be the day that i begin something like this! you know... the day that our daughter bit my arm and my son cried at every moment unless i was pouring cheerios into his mouth!

although my friend, ashley, gave me this GREAT idea to create a blog... i have to be honest and say that the real reason i'm finally getting started is because i would rather not do the dishes in the sink or fold the laundry on my bed. this just sounds more fun. i hope that our blog spot will help keep YOU, our family and friends, well up to date on all the latest happenings of the kiddos and the occasional moment that lance and i are to do anything noteworthy.

there seem to be new things happening every 10 minutes when it comes to allie and caleb. i guess that is what happens when you have two children under the age of two! what were we thinking? (i will spare you from answering that question).

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