Wednesday, January 20, 2010

allie memories!

my phrase with allie lately has been: "you're my girl!!!" we also love to say to one another, "guess what? I LOVE YOU!"

we've had some sweet moments in the last week that i wanted to share.

i've been working out every other day to jillian michael's SHRED video (i know... nice name, right?) well, allie asked if she could "extercise" with me! we had a great time!
this was the cool down portion... don't you just love the tall socks and dress? HA!

riley even got in on the fun... he was dancing!
she has also LOVED having her hair done... GASP!!! who is this child? so i took full advantage of the opportunity and we've been trying some fun stuff. i found a GREAT blog on doing girl's hair. if you have a little lady in the fam you should check out the link on my side bar... it has been fun!
one more quick story: yesterday caleb exclaimed that he loved God with all his heart and allie told him he couldn't possibly! HA! i told her that he could and that mommy does. she replied, "well, i don't love God with all my heart!" i took a breath and stayed calm... responding with, "you know, babe, that has to be your choice, but you need to know that people that do not love the LORD walk in darkness..." before i could finish my statement she said, "mom, some people walk in darkness even though their eyes are wide open. but i don't have to... i can be different... i can walk in light... in His marvelous light!" and then she broke into song! it made me smile... thank you steve green and your hid 'em in your heart amazing cd! my kids are soaking it in!


  1. love your shirt mandy!!! way to show your love for the ags!

  2. Isn't being a momma the B-E-S-T? I'm looking forward to more moments with Sadie like these between you and Allie.

  3. Praise the Lord, today's blog is the perfect morning devotion. God is awesome and I'm so thankful that His love and mercy is "new" every morning!
    P.S. love the pics, my grandchildren's wisdom, Riley's dancing, and the hair-do!

  4. You are the blogging queen this month - I love reading all the frequent updates and seeing pictures! OK, Allie's hair is precious - I don't know if I've got it in me... and yes, we love the Steve Green cds - Anna sings the "count your many blessings" song all over the house. OK, now you're motivating me to do something about my blog.

  5. so cute! I love steve myself! i've learned so much scripture from him ;-)


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