Thursday, January 28, 2010

weekly scripture

we have all been a little under the weather around here... so to be honest, today was the first day that i reinforced our scripture with the kids.

"delight yourself in the LORD!" psalms 37:4

i realize that there is a second part to this verse, but since this generation of children is being tagged "the entitlement generation," i thought we would focus first on just delighting in HIM because of who he is rather than what he gives us.
this week's activity was more like a lesson in vocabulary. i wanted the kiddos to understand the word delight... we talked about the definition, but the most tactile thing i could come up with was cool whip!!! a cookie is fine, but cool whip makes it delightful!!!
delight: greatly pleased, satisfied, bringing joy!
we talked about the joy that our snack brought us and how that same joy or DELIGHT is what is found in the LORD!

when the snack was over, caleb leaned back in his chair and said, "now THAT was a snack!"
how good it would be for us to see the things around us on a daily basis and say, "now, THAT is my GOD!"

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  1. Love seeing the "sparkle" in my happy grandchildren's eyes! Hope y'all feel better soon.
    Note from home: Speaking of sparkle........I'm lovin' seeing the beautiful snow that's falling here right now....... but Poppy hates it, so it sorta kills the moment........ha.


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