Wednesday, January 13, 2010

tomorrow, tomorrow,

i love you tomorrow... you're only a day away! lance will have his feet in tyler by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon! yeah! i'm so excited i can not even stand it!

in the mean time... our letter this week is b and our verse is eph. 4:32 "be kind and compassionate to one another." today we cut pictures of things that began with the letter b. they were way better at this than i thought... if you will notice... allie found a bottom! HA!!!!once again they had a fun time... anything with a glue stick is fun!
and after a fun activity and a little nap my kiddos spent the evening with some friends so that i could have some down time!!! thank you to chris and sarah for a fun night away!
these are the girls from the small group that we are a part of. the ladies go out together once a month. tonight we went to Don Juan's for dollar taco night! it was yummy!


  1. Love all the posts this week. WOW, the kids' "B" word choices are amazing........they're so smart....and cute too. Way to keep them busy learning, Mandy!

  2. Love the letter -a - day - Just like Sesame Street! Learning is so fun = (Bravo on the creative artwork!)


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