Wednesday, April 29, 2009

calling all friends!

ok, folks... everybody knows that networking is a great way to get things done, right? so here it is...

first, we are currently praying for a mini van (for obvious reasons). and although allie would tell you that it needs to be pink, we would just appreciate a heads up if anyone knows of one for sale. we've been looking at the honda 05 or newer. we completely believe that the Lord will provide in this area and we are excited to see how he brings it about.

second, riley has had a hard two weeks of just being unsettled and fussy. through a process of elimination we've decided that my breast milk has almost NO fat in it. because of this, we are switching to formula. i've just spent a little time calling a bunch of formula companies for some samples, but i got to thinking... there are many mommies that have an amazing milk supply and do not need the sample cans that come in the mail. if you are one such mommy and would like to donate to the feed riley campaign, we'd love to get that stuff off your hands! HA!

there you have it... that is my version of networking for the family. happy wednesday!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

gone fishin'

lance and the kids went up to camp today to try fishing again! this time was much more fun... they each caught a fish!

this is allie using the pliers to "i can do it myself, daddy."

and when fishing gets old...

there is always fun to be had in the "mud bath!"

Friday, April 24, 2009

check out our BOYS!

riley is TWO months old today!

and caleb is famous.... here is today's tyler paper!
(we went to the discovery place last night for a free family night)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

say it aint so....

caleb is in a big boy bed....
he took his nap in it today and did great staying in beg until i came to get him!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

family vacation

we decided that we needed to take a quick family vacation before the craziness of summer begins. all five of us loaded up in the murano and left around 7pm. the trip went well and we arrived to our cabin at Crier Creek around 11:30. the kids were super excited to stay in a cabin. allie's exact words were, "mommy, this is so awesome!" there are no pictures of our adventures at the camp??? having too much fun, i guess!

we spent one full day in austin. zilker park was our first stop. they have LOTS of amazing things to enjoy, but we decided the train and the playground was all the fun we had time for. if you are ever in the area... you should spend the day... it is beautiful!

for lunch we headed to the famous salt lick! it was DELICIOUS!!! here is a pic of where all the magic happens! yummy!
it wouldn't be vacation without a little dessert! on recommendation from several friends, we took the kids to the cookie lounge. the kiddos LOVED picking the dough and the mixings! they kept a close eye on their cookies the entire time!
there is no way that we could be 1/2 an hour from my parents and not stop in. pawpaw took the kids to a neighbors house for fishing. unfortunately they weren't biting, but they got a special treat when they got to ride a horse too! that was the first time for that and they LOVED it!

we ended our time at mimi and pawpaw's with a little egg hunt! here is a pic of them checkin' out the loot!

egg hunt

we had an egg hunt at the bluffs last week and the kids had a fabulous time! here is allie sitting next to one of her favorite girl friends, maggie! they had the same basket and allie thought that was SO COOL!
caleb seemed to be listening to the directions well...he was really just thinking, "bring on the candy!"
ready, set, go!

allie found a BIG egg!
caleb gathered five eggs and then sat down for a feast!
allie and maggie only wanted the pink and purple eggs!
smile and say, "candyyyyyyyy!"

Sunday, April 12, 2009


We hope that everyone enjoyed worshiping our risen savior today! We really enjoyed church and a family dinner with a few friends! This morning I was struck with a very REAL thought - God may not always be who we want him to be, but he will always be who we need him to be. That is so evident in the story of the cross!

i hope to post our vacation and easter egg hunt pics soon!

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