Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new year... new things!

we made 2010 pancakes last week to welcome the new year. this is what we call "cartoon saturday" around our house. we don't watch much tv during the week, but we watch LOTS on saturday mornings!! (poor allie... she had a fever on this day).
lance is gone to guatemala for 10 days. we've made a countdown to when he returns! the * on day four is when my mom is coming... it is my own little countdown within the countdown. HA!
we've set some new goals for this year and one is to be more proactive in our parenting than reactive which seems to be the case more often. we were given this book for christmas (thanks kent and hannah) and are going to use it for the next 6 months.

there is a bible verse for every letter of the alphabet. we are starting with A and working our way through. the first one was the verse below:

i posted it in the kitchen yesterday and we talked about what it means. allie already knows it and was trying to teach it to riley this morning. it was fun to see their enthusiasm to learn... today we are going to have a scavenger hunt for paper houses that i am hiding in the house. every time they find one they have to say the verse! pics soon to follow i'm sure!


  1. What a wonderful new goal! And, the book looks like a great tool. I have never made yearly goals, but this has inspired me to come up with something for our family. I better get to thinkin'!


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