Friday, February 25, 2011

riley turns TWO!

Sweet Riley had to be flexible on birthday traditions this year. Lucky for us, he didn't really know the difference. Lance had to be gone on his birthday (eliminating our birthday breakfast tradition) so we took him out for pizza the night before. he couldn't have been happier! pizza is his favorite food on the face of the earth.

he spent the whole night relishing his meal and saying, "hap birday me, PISSA!" :)

the next morning we woke him up with the birthday song and balloons... he had the same response as allie did on her second birthday...

he eventually warmed up to the idea...

Because we also weren't certain if i might go into labor i opted to make him cookies instead of a cake. it was my first time to do royal icing and they turned out better than expected (just don't look too close at those soccer balls... it's harder than it looks)!

we waited to celebrate until daddy got home around 8:30 so we were in pjs, ready for bed, and eating sugar! it was GREAT! :0
i LOVE this picture.... riley thinks his daddy hung the moon! (and i agree)!

i included several pics of opening gifts, not because i think that is the focus of bdays, but because he had the GREATEST expressions...

opening a movie from aunt jeni-

loving his shirt from grammie and poppy-

really excited about his light saber!

impressed with his wooden robots-

thrilled with his chick hicks and trailer (he picked this one out the last time we were at the store).

riley has been such a blessing to our family. i can NOT believe that he is two. every year goes faster and faster. he is becoming such a big boy.... talking like crazy, coloring, potty training, AND he LOVES LOVES LOVES giving kisses... really sweet KISSES!

we love you riles.... HAPPY birthday sweet BOY!

Thursday, February 24, 2011



I believe that the Lord purposefully discounted this playset with mommy and daddy sisco in mind. oh, and maybe the joy of the children too! :)

this is ALL that they want to do these days!

best blessing EVER... when God gives gifts, he gives BIG!
"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights who does not change like shifting shadows." -James 1:17

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wednesday -

not sure what this is?

maybe this will help...
we must be getting close b/c i can not find my toes most days! :) Doc said that not much has changed since last week so we are thinking it will be march 1st with an induction!

Monday, February 21, 2011

nothing but time

i've simply never had this many contractions this early and it made me think that griffin was coming sooner rather than later. however, i've had plenty of time on my hands while i wait around. so here are a few of the small griffin projects i've done in the mean time!

a blanket
(tutorial here... super easy, but time consuming)

burp rags to match... just b/c i had left over fabric
(tutorial here...quick nap time project)

and some wall decor b/c the mobile didn't turn out how i had hoped
(tutorial here)
that's what i've been up to. although, i'd rather have a baby! come on griffin!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

PCM in the News!

our fabulous pediatrician and his family are making a difference in Uganda. if you have always wanted to help others outside of the US, but didn't know how, this is a trustworthy way to do so. Lance and i would LOVE to be able to make a trip with them sometime and see the work the LORD is doing there. we joke that our contribution right now is to keep having babies and bringing him more business in the states so that he can use the finances there.... that is JUST a JOKE! :) but seriously... you could sponsor a child, pray for this ministry, or make some small purchases that go a LONG way! great cause, great people! check it out here...PCM in the News!

Friday, February 18, 2011

celebrating LOVE

well, i'm just getting around to posting about our valentine's day. sorry to be so slow, but we've been daddy-less for almost a week and i'm TIRED! ha!

we tried some crazy fun cupcakes that i found at this site. you had to make cake hearts first... aren't they pretty?

then you push the heart into the cupcake batter, bake, frost, and add sprinkles... if you want better directions... check out the site above!


and then... cuteness! the kids thought this was pretty cool!

we also opened our valentine box. it had all sorts of goodies from the grandparents and mom and dad and the millions of pics allie has drawn for every member of the family (even griffin).

it was a fun day... hope yours was LOVELY too!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


even as I type this... i feel as though i could have this child at any moment... which probably means that i'll be pregnant another week and 1/2! HA!

The update from the doctor today was that i have dilated to a two and i am 50% effaced. He also commented twice on how low the baby was which could make for a quick delivery... We'll see??

i love how you can make guesses on so many things and be wrong about all of them.

in tribute of the big day here is a look back at the other three...

day of delivery

released from children's with a healthy heart

home photo shoot
(his whole story can be found HERE)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

everything Valentines

we don't dive super deep into pink and hearts around here. maybe it is because we are made up of predominately boys?? But we do have fun with some valentine traditions...

you've already seen our not so traditional door hanger HERE.
and HERE is a good site that gives many different perspectives on where this crazy LOVE day came from.... in case your kiddos ask those kinds of things.

here is a run down of some things in our home:
a valentine box to store the MILLIONS of valentines that allie writes to members of the family and it will eventually hold some fun things from mom, dad, grammie, poppy, mimi, and pawpaw too!

our mantel is the center piece of the house... so we added a little garland and and candles to cheer our winter souls!! (no comments on the still missing pic please....hee,hee)

one day i will have to explain the story behind our rocks, but for today... it is giving gentle reminders to HUG often!!

of course... allie's room needs to be decorated for every holiday... she already wants to know what will replace the heart garland.... can anyone say high maintenance? ha!

and, who can have any holiday without something sweet? this is my go to when money is short and i want to do something special... jello on the bottom layer, yogurt in the middle, a little whip cream...

and, of course, sprinkles. this treat is great b/c i don't feel bad giving it to my kids, they think it is the most amazing thing EVER, and you can do whatever colors fit the time!

our verse for the last two weeks has been John 15:12 (fitting, i think)

"Love one another as I have loved you."
without HIS LOVE we would not have the capacity to love at all!
happy valentine's day friends!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

some faces

that i L - O - V - E

and a few cute booties too! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Griffin's Luncheon

Some really sweet community group friends hosted a luncheon for our soon to be addition!
It was filled with yummy food...
including brownies with andies mints in them.... ahhh!

thoughtful gifts! including LOTS of diapers
(which is sooo necessary when you have two in diapers!)and even a few baby basics! isn't that onsie adorable?

but the best part about showers is being with friends and enjoying one anothers company. i'm so grateful for girls in my life to love and support me. This hasn't been the easiest pregnancy (which is no secret) and these are the girls that have made me laugh and keep an eternal perspective in the midst of it all!

mary lynne and jennifer

kara and andreia
andrea, beth, and amanda

kelli and amybri, hallie, and amanda
i don't know how jerri didn't get in a pic!!! this luncheon was in her gorgeous home and i'm sure she was buzzing around making everything perfect!

thank you girls SO MUCH. I've actually never had an official baby shower in tyler... so this was super special and meant so much that you would take the time to celebrate one of our precious babes! :) I won't soon forget your kindness! AND griffin's bottom will be well pampered! hee,hee!

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