Thursday, December 31, 2009

christmas new year's eve!

we just can't seem to stop celebrating! we made a very quick trip to simonton to have christmas with my side of the family. we tried to take a pic of the kids... thanks to grammie and poppy for all the new clothes!
it began with lots of food prep which allie loves to be a part of

caleb stayed well entertained with the christmas villiage that my mom always sets out.

they attacked my sweet grandmother when she arrived... it was such a blessing to see them excited to see her - if you are a parent of little ones, you know you have no control over their outward show of affection toward people!

look at this handsome guy!!! his eyes get more blue everyday!

all the girls... four generations!

riley got fireman boots to be a little like his older bro

aunt robin brought silly string... a family tradition.. this is mady and katy on the attack!

allie and the silly string

ready for fireworks... my mom is holding "baby jackie"... she's not so baby anymore!

my dad put on an amazing display of fireworks!!! caleb ran in circles and screamed the entire firework show! he loved it. i don't know if you recall our last time of seeing fireworks, but he ran up to me in the middle and said, "mommy, i'm not even throwing up!!!

a final merry christmas to all our friends and family! we'll be posting our new year's letter tomorrow night!


  1. i'm up at 3 am feeding rowan and thought i'd check your blog! hee hee! you look really cute in your puffer ;-)

  2. Looks like such FUN! You got some great pics of the kids. Happy 2010!


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