Tuesday, June 26, 2012

filling in the holes

there were a few pics that didn't make it into previous posts that are too fun to leave out.

not sure how i missed this one, but we had to take the traditional photo by the state sign picture.  i'm convinced that every child should have at least ten of these.  the boys decided funny faces were needed.

the reason that we were invited to come on this trip is so that lance could help with the student ministry.  he got to put on some new characters for this trip.  meet "terry" one of three waggles (a play on the wiggles).  it was a huge hit!

and before anyone thinks that we had this amazing, perfect family vacation... it should be noted that between wednesday and sunday of this trip five of the six of us were puking and had diherea.    i think we left our germs at every stop between estes park and dallas.  this particular stop was just hours before allie decided to throw up all over caleb - classic!

next post- father's day!

Monday, June 25, 2012

ducks, ducks, and more ducks

one afternoon lance had some work to get done so i stole the kids and headed to the most perfect coffee shop. it was called coffee on the rocks.  they have a little pond with a walking trail around it and tons of hungry ducks!  

 now that the kids were chipmunk experts, they wanted to see if the ducks would eat right from their hands... and they did!

even after the kids ran out of food and were just walking around the pond, the ducks were hoping they would throw them something. 

caleb was on the other side of the pond yelling, "they like me... they REALLY like me!"

even griffin would give the curious creatures a sweet wave and tell them, "bye bye"
i promise i am rounding out our estes trip soon and it will be on to other things.  one or two posts more! 

oil and water

the next day the family took a gondala lift to the top of a mountain where we were told the chipmunks would eat out of our hands.
up we go

based on info from other families, lance and i thought they would be running up to us begging for peanuts, but it was a much slower process than that.

they were pretty cute and LOVED the peanuts

they would even eat them with the shell on.

but it was lots of sitting and waiting and being quiet... and let's be honest... that and sisco kids are like oil and water - they don't mix!!  haha!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

hiking, slides, and loads of smiles

wednesday of camp was a family free day.  our family decided to hike in the national park to a waterfall.  we did a little research and thought it would be an easy, stroller friendly trail!

and we are OFF!!

 the kids got a nature guide to check off, making the hike a really exciting experience.  allie searched for all sorts of animals, plants, and insects.

there were also plenty of fun adventures to be had... like taking a rock path rather than a bridge.  ;)

about half way into our hike we were stopped by the park rangers and informed that strollers were actually not allowed on this trail... oh, boy... lots of holding for the next few miles.

there were so many beautiful spots to wonder at God's amazing creation! i'm going to make them bigger just so you don't miss the splendor.

this was our final destination and our view during lunch... alberta falls

caleb sisco - chipmunk hunter extraordinaire.

the kids were amazed at how cold the ice melt was and all took turns feeling it.

i don't know that a sisco has EVER fallen asleep in our arms before.  this is definitely a first in our family.  poor baby... long morning. 

at the end of the hike, the kids turned their book in to become jr. rangers.  they had to take an oath and make it all official.  it was pretty funny.

after the hike we made the most of our trip by driving to the top of the mountain in search for snow.  they were tuckered out and slept (except for caleb) all the way there.

another beautiful view when we got to the top and just enough snow to say we played in it.  ;)

see that little patch of snow that they are walking towards.  that is where they played.  it looks smaller than it really was. 

griffin and i waited by the road and stole a sweet picture.

we ended our whirlwind day at the big slides in town.  how can you drive by these and not slide?  don't they look like fun?

you slide down on burlap pieces... so tall, so fast, so fun.  we did this for an hour and 1/2!

look at those faces...

don't let this one fool you!  he went down on dad's lap several times. 
sheesh!  what a day.  i'm tired just re-living it with you!  
more to come...

Friday, June 22, 2012

day two, putt putt

our second day of camp we took the kids to play putt putt during free time.

what a view while playing

it was truly breathtaking to play surrounded by those majestic mountains

griffin was really watching and super interested about the game.

he would take his red ball and throw it and yell, "ball!!"

and he would even clap for the other kiddos.

here are our little players

riley had a fun little stance while trying to putt.

"oh, yea! hole in one!"

if there was one thing that allie was not short on during this trip... 
it was smiles!

there was a little confusion on how to play, but why correct them???

we all had a fun afternoon.  we were able to stay a long time because no one was hot and sweaty and needing water.  man, oh man... how we are missing that CO weather!!!

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