Saturday, January 23, 2010

5 o'clock

i am hoping that our family is not the only family that hits the 5 o'clock slump. you know, that time of the evening when dad isn't home yet, the kids are hungry, mom is trying to balance cooking dinner and entertaining all the children! it is enough to make me pitch my own little fit and have a mommy melt down!
then, it dawned on me... why don't i take my two issues that work against one another and make them work together... and so the sous chefs were born! meet sous chef allie and sous chef caleb (he likes to do most things in his unders! HA!)

plastic knives are my new best friends. the kids get cutting boards and plastic knives and anything that needs to be chopped is their job! on this night i was making queso and they did all the work! i've also had them slice mushrooms, tomatoes, chicken, etc. it doesn't look good, but who cares... i'm a happy momma when daddy gets home and that matters WAY MORE!

i wanted to show you our indian fry bread from the same evening. it was soo yummy and super simple. what a great alternative to regular tacos. we piled taco meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream on these babies and, WOW, were they great! this is another one of lance's grandmother's recipes... thanks gigi!
recipe follows:
2c flour
4t baking powder
1/2t salt
1T sugar
3/4c milk
combine dry ingredients. make a well and add wet ingedients. mix with hands. divide dough into 8 equal parts. roll it out to about plate size and fry in EVOO. it only takes about 5 seconds per side if oil is hot. serve immediately! enjoy!


  1. wow! those sound great! i set finn on the counter and jack stands on a chair to "help" (joke right?). i like the idea of giving them plastic knives to chop with though! thanks for that! xoxo

  2. Ooh, that does sound yummy. Our "witching hour" starts around 4:00pm (I can relate to the agony!), and I've been trying to include them in the dinner prep more. But that plastic knives idea is brilliant! They'll love that.

  3. Ya'll have made me hungry! Way to go Sisco family.


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