Thursday, October 27, 2011

straight to the heart

i ventured over to the femina blog yesterday and found a GREAT article!  if you're like me, we are often living in sin and don't even realize it.  it has been a slow fade a the enemy has slowly taken us to a place we never wanted to be.  be encouraged HERE!  happy friday!


This guy has killer eyes,

 a killer smile,

and i find him in the funniest places.  
the latest one was in the bottom cubby of the boys metal lockers.

he is getting two teeth up top to match his two on bottom.
he LOVES the bath tub.
he babbles continually. 
he is pulling to a stand at 8 months... WHAT?
he weighs 21 pounds.
he is an absolutely DELIGHTFUL baby!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


you know you're married to a good man when he comes home and says, "do you want to get a pedicure?"  


and that is just what happened Saturday.  lance wanted allie and i to get our toes done while we were in town.  it was such a fun time.  i think allie might have been more in heaven than i was!  she was so cute!
she picked "twinkle, twinkle, wink" and i chose "purple with a purpose."  
both very fitting for each of us!
thanks babe!  we were pampered and got some quality time together.  i'm looking forward to lots of fun girly moments with this precious kiddo!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

good find

have you seen this site?

click HERE

i love that there is someone out there thinking creatively for the rest of us.  

whether you need inspiration for one on one time with your special someone or want to have a group of people over for a good time.  this website has an unending list of ideas!  


Thursday, October 20, 2011


kara and i had our first BIG event.  we were asked to make:

two bridal cakes (one to cut and one to freeze)
300 cupcakes
a cookie cake for the groom
100 cookies

the wedding was outdoors and the reception was in an amazing barn!

the bride wanted "f" pennants in every cupcake

the colors were coral, leaf green, and cornflower blue

we tried to take the "tacky" out of cookie cake and give it a more polished look.  what do you think?

the individual cookies were in an old card catalog box... brides cute.

thanks blake and amanda for letting us be part of your special day!
PCM will be getting a check in the week to come!!!  YEAH!

something different

when life gets mundane...  change it UP!

glow sticks in the tub!!

found this idea HERE.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

last week

my mom was here to help me out while lance was recruiting.  she came in a smidgen early to watch caleb play soccer.

we had our first real rain in months... so we, of course, played in it!

we bought some beans and the kids have had HOURS of fun playing in them



and generally having all sorts of fun with them

we also got to make a quick trip to watch my niece, taylor, preform at half time

and aunt jeni got to love on the baby

he was quite comfy as you can see

mimi brought some little pumpkins and with a little puff paint they were original creations

allie had columbus day off of school and the kids were dying to know what columbus day was so...
our snack was the nina, pinta, and santa maria (totally stolen from someone brilliant on line).

we borrowed a doll house piece to play the part of Columbus himself and retold the story

and then... they chowed down!

another fun activity that i found on pintrest was taking google eyes and laying them on pictures for a good laugh.  this didn't last long, but it was a funny five minutes.  here are two examples...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


our nannies were in town last weekend and it was such a treat to see them!

they got LOTS of hugs

there were LOTS of smiles

and silly faces too!

even mr. griffin was puttin' on the charm
we LOVE our apple and peaches!!!  
so good to see you girls...
don't be strangers!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

that time of year again!

caleb is doing soccer again this year and it is amazing how much growth happens in a year!
the giggling boy who would rather pick grass than play has turned into a FULL OUT dedicated soccer player!
rather than distracting his teammates... they talk strategy
when the coaches are talking - he is listening.

at game time... he is ALL in!

this year his team is the gators - and they like the hand motions that go with it!

During his first game, he ran away with the ball several times, got hurt and right back up twice, and came about 1 inch from scoring at the buzzer.
looking forward to some really great soccer stories this year!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

do you remember when

 i teased you with this POST?

if not... watch THIS.

and if so watch it again anyway!

These people, this county, this ministry has captured my heart.  We are sponsoring one child, but it isn't enough.  The Lord (who is an amazing business man) planted the idea in my mind to do what i love to bless these children!  

SO... i grabbed my friend Kara and we have set out to make money for PCM! 

We have begun our own little business....


we make cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more and ALL the proceeds will go to PCM for an ENTIRE YEAR!  we are thrilled! everything is new and we are learning, learning, learning, but thanks to the LORD's wonderful has been Great. 

we had our first client last week - she ordered a monster cake and cookies.  let me know what you think!

i will reveal our logo VERY soon and link up our facebook account too!
 until then, keep us in mind for your yummy treats AND pray for this ministry and the children of Uganda!

Friday, October 7, 2011

good reminder...

Through Jesus, 
therefore, let us continually offer to God 
a sacrifice of PRAISE
the fruit of lips that confess his name.
-Romans 13:15

Thursday, October 6, 2011

mommy momments

i went to walmart with three kids and forgot three things
(not the kids! ha!)
riley pooped his pants in public
then he pooped on the carpet in his room
caleb fell on his bike twice and cried hysterically both times
riley fell from a small bridge and bloodied his nose
allie had a misunderstanding that left her in tears
we went to sonic to cheer up and riley dropped his lemonade before he got a sip
riley tinkled in the sand at sonic
lance and i didn't get to bed till 11 and were awakened to griffin teething/crying at 5.

as a mom, it's easy to find the things that are exhausting.  
TODAY, by the LORD'S wonderful GRACE, i am overlooking exhausting and seeing joys.

look who is holding his own bottle.


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