Monday, January 28, 2008

hair cuts!

the kiddos finally had their hair cut by someone that knew what she was doing... ie: not their mom! HA. they did soo great while joy cut their hair. of course, our kids will be always be great if food is involved and they both got to snack on yogurt covered prezels while she worked. soo, yes... that is food all over caleb... he really enjoyed his! in the end, allie got some bangs, caleb can spike his hair again, and mom got some good advice! i took some during and after pics!

Monday, January 21, 2008

only our daddy

i worked for pine cove this weekend and lance got to spend some extra time with the kids. they had an absolute blast with daddy becuase he is so CREATIVE! they built blocks, made tunnels, and even pitched a tent in the living room. and if that was not enough... they got to watch a video and eat in there too!!! i know, i know... he's amazing!

fishing for leaves

lance, allie, and caleb were blessed with some fishing gear for christmas. when the weather warms up they are going to reel in the BIG ONE, but for now... they are just fishing for leaves!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

christmas in the car!

this holiday can best be summed up in two words... the car. we did it ALL this year and had a blast doing it! lance, the kids, and i celebrated by eating out and opening gifts on the 22nd. the next morning we loaded up and headed to bartlesville, OK to visit his family. on the 28th, we took allie (leaving caleb w/ grammie and poppy) and went to manhattan, KS. allie was the flower girl in cody and emily's wedding and she also got to see snow for the first time ever! after the reception we drove through bartlesville, picked up caleb, and headed HOME... but only for one night. the next morning it was off to simonton, TX to celebrate with mandy's family. we have attached a picture of each event... ENJOY! i'm' sure you'll all be glad to know that we've decided to stop our nomadic behaviors and settle in here in flint once more!

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