Monday, November 17, 2008

yeah for playdough

we have friends over today and they have really had fun building playdough bears! aren't they cute! if you don't have playdough accessories... these four kids recommend them HIGHLY!!! they have been busy doing this for almost 1/2 an hour!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

photo shoot

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we took allie to a cute childrens park for some three year old pictures. we took tons more than this. if you'd like to see the rest or order any - simply click one of the photos and it will take you to the motophoto site to view bigger, more, or purchace! hope you enjoy!

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and her name will be jesus

allie informed us today that if mommy has a baby girl that we will name her jesus and if we have a baby boy his name will be smirkopf.... so there you have it!

Friday, November 7, 2008

allie turns three!!

we started the celebration with muffins and eggs for breakfast. she had a special crown and b-day balloon. you can tell that she felt soo important!!

i attempted to make her a princess cake for her big day. i think that she was pleased and that is what matters most! she wanted help blowing out the candles.
her cousins came to make the day complete... aren't they cute together!
one word for this: ridiculous!
this was the look on her face when she got her "big" gift from mom and dad...
and this is her testing out the gift... her very own big girl bike!
i can't believe our little girl is already three. she keeps telling everyone, "i'm three and i'll go to school soon." it's really cute how excited she is for an event she knows nothing about!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

our little diva!

allie is getting so big. today she played in her room for 30 minutes and when she emerged... this is what she looked like! so cute!! thank you grammie and gigi for the assortment of cutie accessories! notice that she even has a ring and a necklace on!
coming soon: allie's b-day party!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

sono excitement!!

thanks to all of you that prayed for us on friday. it was an emotional morning for lance and i. we prayed just before going in and had such a peace of the Lord's comfort upon us. isn't it amazing how you have NOTHING to fear when you are a child of the Lord because there is NOTHING that is out of His control.

the doctor looked at the baby's heart from a zillion angles and showed us things we'd never seen durning a sono. in the end, he said that we could definately deliver in tyler. he couldn't find any reason to even do further testing and said as far as he could tell at this point that this baby's heart looked great!

what a relief! Thank you Father!
here is a pic of the baby looking right at ya! maybe even waving too. sorry if it is hard to see. we don't have a scanner so this is a pic of a pic.

we keep saying "baby" because we decided not to find out the sex. if it is a girl, her name will be avery michelle and if the baby is a boy, his name will be riley luke!

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