Tuesday, July 31, 2012


our week at pine cove camps was steeped in fun and intentional time as a couple and family.  i'm going to try to only hit the highlights, but it will probably take several posts! 

we were so blessed to have this opportunity!
we gathered theme night clothes, painted the car, and hit the road to tyler!

this little guy was grateful for a short car ride.

in our excitement, we were a little early so we stopped at DQ for a sweet treat!

riley stood out of the sun roof as we drove in

and allie actually hung out the window (she usually sits on the floor board so no one can see her).
the staff gave every car a rose and an IBC rootbeer as we pulled in. 

after the staff unloaded our entire car and carried every peice of lugage into our beautiful two story cabin... 

we were beat so we ate watermelon on the dock....

and went for a canoe ride.  ahhhhh! vacation!

at dinner a staffer poured our drinks, cut my kids' food, and held griffin for me after he finished eating.  i know what you're thinking... so much for a mom to do!!  ;)
lance was one of the participants chosen for the block stacking game (guys vs. girls).

bummer.... they fell on his turn!  priceless face! 
women! women!  women!

that evening we had family club, followed by snacks, and then off to bed.  
day one success!!

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