Sunday, August 5, 2012

rodeo, pine cove style

one of the things that we really enjoyed about our camp experience was the one on one time with each of our kiddos.  this is riley relishing time with his mom and dad and having a tasty treat!

monday evening was a space cowboy theme and the rodeo.  
here is our crew looking cute.

walking behind lance reminded me of the guy i fell in love with... baseball cap, boots, and jeans!  sorry, ladies... he's all mine! 

even griffin was enjoying the evening!

i doesn't happen often... but i got a pic with my girl!

caleb got to spend the week hanging with beck langemeier (a pc friend)... such a great kid! don't ya love those blue lips!

here is allie with her counselor, raquet and dog!

caleb did the calf scramble.  bless his heart - he never stopped running, but didn't get one.

luckily, his friend, beck got THREE!  ha!  must have something to do with your dad being the director.  i think he's had alot of practice.  ;)

our first FULL day ended with smores.  the kids were pumped. 

i think everyone fell asleep around 10:30.

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  1. looks like you all had a great time at PC! Can't believe your kiddos are gettin' so big.


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