Monday, July 2, 2012

Dad's Day

father's day fell on a crazy day.  we were only half way back from our estes park trip, griffin had thrown up in the car the day before, allie threw up in the hotel the morning of, and lance woke up not feeling very well... so, we knew what was coming.  

however, we were only 30 miles from stillwater and decided that waking up there would be a really sweet father's day gift.  we crashed in a hotel in stillwater and then hit the campus the next morning.

riley was trying to put his guns up... ha!

griffin was feeling much better and enjoying his stroll through campus.

since allie has just experienced her first year of school, she asked her daddy all sorts of questions about his school.  she wanted to see where his first class, the gym, and the library were. ;)

we hung out at the pond for quite a while.  they fed ducks, fish, and even a squirrel. lance and i use to sit by this pond for hours when we were dating.  it is crazy to sit there now with four kids... time is flying!

you can't just throw pennies into a fountain anymore... you have to get in it!

the monday after father's day was not too late to make our daddy feel special.  this was waiting for him when he got home and we were hiding down the ally in the minivan for a quick escape. 

so sneaky!!  ;)

here is an example of what he had to find!  when he unscrambled them, it lead him to braums where we had dessert first.

lance really is a stellar dad!  i'm so lucky to partner with him in this crazy adventure of parenting!!  our kiddos adore him!!  even today i was trying to build a fort for caleb and he said, "hey mom, maybe we should just wait for dad, ok?"  haha!  sure buddy... he's way better at this than me!

and i couldn't write a father's day post without mentioning my daddy and father-in-law.  two great men with big hearts that taught us so much and continue to support us to this day!  we love you both and hope you know how much we appreciate you!! 

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