Thursday, July 5, 2012

base camp

allie went to base camp right here in dallas just last week. pc has been such a huge part of our lives... i think her parents might have been more excited than she was!  but here was the list she created for the night before so that she wouldn't forget anything!  ;)

i didn't totally know what to expect because this is WAY different than overnight camp in tyler.  they had these huge tents that served as the "cabins" and it looked soo fun!

here is her sweet counselor "home-improvment" and one of her sweet, new friends!

here are the girls from her cabin that she knew.  the two on either side of her go to her school and the other is a friend from church!

at the end of the week the counselors write a CQ (character qualities) for each camper.  it was neat to see what "homey" saw in allie for the week.  i think she did a pretty good job studying little miss allie.

i had to include this photo... we are apparently going to hard these days because riley fell asleep on the floor during the closing ceremony (singing, cheers, dancing, etc).... what?  that never happens with our kids.

i even picked him up and put him in g's stroller and he didn't wake up.  this little girl is wondering if he is ok.... we kinda were too!  ;)
if you want more info on base camp check it out here.


  1. your little girl is growing up! I'm sure she had a great time. As for the pic of Riley....I guess he really DOES sleep! That shot has got to be a keeper. He's so cute.

  2. I dont think my senior counselor, Penski, would have let the spacing on that CQ fly. :)

  3. So thankful that I ran across these sweet pictures today! I happened to find your blog and haven't seen any pictures from my BC week! :) missing Miss Ally very much!


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