Thursday, July 26, 2012


there are many things that were hard about the move to the dallas area.  however, there are many blessings that the Lord has choosen to reveal day by day.  my latest item of God-worthy praise is the proximity to one of my dearest friends, ashley cating.  

when we first met she was ashley spears... a recent highschool graduate and future baylor bear.  we were both working at pine cove, insecure, goofy, and if i am honest - pretty immature, but totally in love with Jesus and eager to serve.

have you ever had a friend like this? the kind of friend that the Lord just unexpectedly drops into your lap. you didn't know you needed them until you met them... they have the same heart beat, laugh at the same things, see the world through the same lenses.  you wonder how life was ever really complete before them because being together is just so fun and so perfect. well, that's my ashley. 

as this posts, she is preparing to move into an apartment about 15 minutes up the road.  she plans on living there until they find a house in this very area.  i have MANY friends- childhood, pine cove, college, and mommy phase friends (you know who you are) that i desperately wish lived within walking distance.  i wish we could drink a cup of coffee together on monday mornings, steal a dash of cinnamon when we're too lazy to head to the store, call on one another when migraines attack and reinforcements are needed.  man, oh man... if i could just create my own little community there are soo many of you that i would ask to move in.  

but i'm realizing this week that i am BEYOND blessed to have this kindred spirit just a stone's throw away.  it something i've always hoped for, but never thought could really happen.  i'm keeping open hands because i know that the LORD changes things how he wishes, but for today... i'm relishing in having this friend close.  this friend who has grown from that insecure 17 year old into a wise, life-giving woman who trusts her God, serves her husband, and trains her kiddos.  

ash,  here is to however long we get to live nearby and share life together in person!! i love you dearly and wouldn't be who i am today without YOU!!


  1. Good friends are a treasure! I hope you and your families will be close to each other again soon. That would also mean that there's hope I'll get to meet Ashley's girls on some future visit! yay!

  2. Tears! Love you both so much and wish I lived a stones throw away!


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