Wednesday, July 11, 2012

fourth of JULY

 our fourth of july started on the third when lance surprised me with a date night.  we went to whiskey cake kitchen (my tummy is wanting it just looking at the cake!!!) and then off to kaboom town (addison) for fireworks!

a firework show in the city is a little different.  buildings, people, and lights everywhere.  but they were still pretty!

the next morning the kids were decked out in their goodies from grammie and poppy

and we were off to the parade.  have i mentioned that i LOVE our neighborhood? 

andrew diebert came with two of his girls (his wifey was MIA... ha!)

come on, tatiane, i needed a little help controlling our men.  ;)

it was a tad warm... nice hair, huh?

if this child is outside... he is smiling.

ummm.... couldn't not have asked for a more heart warming moment.

and the parade begins...

it was mostly decorated bikes

and the local high school band, but a fun way to celebrate.

oh, and the highlight of every sisco boy's day... a firetruck!

afterward there was a picnic in the park where we ran into sweet friends

and did facepainting

whatever happened to a small flower or butterfly on your check?

they also had bounce houses, balloon animals, and loads of carnival type food!

even this kid got in the mix (extra points if you can name the animal behind g... scary!)

later in the evening it was time for ice cream

and fire works... coolest dad ever!!  he drove quite a distance to buy quiet fireworks!

smoke bombs were a hit

and the boys thought these snakes were cool.... i thought they looked so nasty!

these were pretty cool too!

and the morning glories were the favs!

it was a fun packed day from start to finish and will be hard to top next year!!


  1. What a FUN day! We hated missing Kaboom Town this year..usually celebrate every year with Ben's office. Great pics and it's obvious that your kids had a day to remember!

  2. Looks like you all definitely had a great 4th of July! Your pictures of fireworks, was actually the only fireworks that I saw this year. My first year ever to miss it all! Had company for dinner and never left the house. We had fun visiting though. It was great seeing Andrew and two of his little girls. I miss him! Your neighborhood is awesome!

  3. this makes our fourth look LAAAAME lol there were no fireworks of any kind here bc of the fires!


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