Tuesday, July 17, 2012

back to bville

our family headed north to visit grammie and poppy this weekend.  it's always a fun time of little sleep and lots of playing.

we practically went straight to the kiddie park upon arrival and spent two nights there! enjoy all the pics!

 this was griffin's first time to ride anything

i think he's going to be a politician because he waved at EVERYONE!!

"oh, yeah, i'm a big deal."

 this is little miss "can't be trusted" turning the barrels so fast that her mommy wanted to puke.  in her defense, she did not promise to take it easy on me when i offered to ride with her.

 saturday morning, the three girls headed off for some girl time... including a haircut.

 didn't it turn out cute??  i love it!
now back to the park.  this time lance's cousin stacey and her family joined us.  they had sooo much fun together.  i have soo many good memories with my cousins... i'm glad we did this!

time to head home...
it must have been fun because the boys all passed out! poor caleb - doesn't he look awful?  this was our third trip this summer with the stomach bug... he threw up about an hour before this pic was taken.
 we are now officially traveling with garbage bags, old towels, sanitary wipes, and breath mints.  haha!  no, but really!

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  1. i think everyone had a good time and the weather cooperated too! Griffin was hillarious on the little cars. Sure is quiet around here.


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