Tuesday, July 24, 2012

grieving the blonde

i'm sure we look totally country in our little neck of the woods.  i still cut the boys' hair and, yes, to the humiliation of my husband, i do it on the front porch.  

about two years ago, we invested in this beauty from sam's club for $30.  i literally paid for itself three haircuts in.  

it's super easy to use and even has a color code system marked right on the clippers.
what's the point of this ridiculous post?  you'll have to look closely, but this is hair i cut off of caleb's hair... do you see, it.  i'm totally depressed because all over his head are strands of brown hair.

i mean what will i do when he isn't blonde anymore... 
look at this white head the last few years...

(that one was for you grammie)
just can't think of it, but it looks like in the next few years he'll join the rest of us brunettes and leave little g to hold down the blonde hair.  ;)


  1. Cute pictures and lots of memories of blonde hair. I'm gonna go cry now.

  2. it's really hard to believe that little toe-head could turn brown! hope you're having fun at camp!


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