Friday, July 20, 2012

summer list check

we are flying through our summer list and good thing because august is AROUND the corner!!

 splash park. check.

 riley still hasn't out grown his photo issues.  joy.

hmmm, stayed too long?

catapults. check. super easy.  

we used marshmallows so that we could have snack while we played.

 can you spot the marshmallow?

baked something.  check.  whoppie pies.

snow cones.  check.

letter scavenger hunt. check. idea here.

 what six year old chooses internet for the i sound? :) wow.  different times.

fort friday.  check

you know, i remember being terrified for summer with four kids home and no camp entertainment.  however, we've had soo much fun and i'm hoping that august goes more slowly... i will only have two of my kiddos home next year.  ahhh, i'll miss a and c soo much.  
time. slow. down!

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  1. i wish i could have stayed at your house when i was little. fun times abound! cute pics of very cute kiddos. whoopie pies look amazing!


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