Saturday, October 1, 2011

mom's study {week 3}

last week we left for our vacation right after my study so i'm just getting around to writing my thoughts out.  we talked about obedience so there was a TON of information.  i will try to not be too lengthy, but it was all so good!

1. rebellions is ANY act of knowingly and willingly defying instructions

2.  passive rebellion vs. active rebellion.  they are both disobedience... do not be fooled
 active rebellion: verbal resistance, physical defiance, temper tantrums, ignore instruction
passive rebellion: consistent "forgetfulness", eternal obedience w/ a bad attitude, intentionally making others miserable, obeying in their timing, obeying but not to the full standard, breaking a generally accepted rule, walking away while you are still talking.

3. there should be consequences for rebellion.  WHY?  because we are to instruct in righteousness.  types of consequences could be spanking, time outs, loss of privileges.  i will share the spanking material in the next mommy post.

4.  a great resource for teaching our is Little Pilgrim's Progress.  Find it HERE!

5. there is no more sanctifying process than working out our salvation in light of our children... whewh! 

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