Thursday, October 27, 2011


This guy has killer eyes,

 a killer smile,

and i find him in the funniest places.  
the latest one was in the bottom cubby of the boys metal lockers.

he is getting two teeth up top to match his two on bottom.
he LOVES the bath tub.
he babbles continually. 
he is pulling to a stand at 8 months... WHAT?
he weighs 21 pounds.
he is an absolutely DELIGHTFUL baby!


  1. What is up with your blond-headed babies?? So stinkin adorable.

    So sad I missed your call last night. Catching up soon!!

  2. Beautiful Boy! Love those killer eyes. Caleb should feel better now, knowing he's not the ONLY blonde in the fam now. Seriously, all your kiddos have the most amazing eyes. God did such a good job!


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