Sunday, October 9, 2011

do you remember when

 i teased you with this POST?

if not... watch THIS.

and if so watch it again anyway!

These people, this county, this ministry has captured my heart.  We are sponsoring one child, but it isn't enough.  The Lord (who is an amazing business man) planted the idea in my mind to do what i love to bless these children!  

SO... i grabbed my friend Kara and we have set out to make money for PCM! 

We have begun our own little business....


we make cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more and ALL the proceeds will go to PCM for an ENTIRE YEAR!  we are thrilled! everything is new and we are learning, learning, learning, but thanks to the LORD's wonderful has been Great. 

we had our first client last week - she ordered a monster cake and cookies.  let me know what you think!

i will reveal our logo VERY soon and link up our facebook account too!
 until then, keep us in mind for your yummy treats AND pray for this ministry and the children of Uganda!


  1. So proud of you sweet friend!

  2. that cake and those cookies are ridiculously adorable!!!!! i love them!

  3. Such a great plan you two chicks have come up with. Awesome cake and cookies. Bless you both

  4. Curt and I recently read Crazy Love, in it Francis Chan challenged us with this question, "What are you doing today that requires faith?"

    I think you have your answer! : ) Can't wait to hear more!


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