Thursday, October 6, 2011

mommy momments

i went to walmart with three kids and forgot three things
(not the kids! ha!)
riley pooped his pants in public
then he pooped on the carpet in his room
caleb fell on his bike twice and cried hysterically both times
riley fell from a small bridge and bloodied his nose
allie had a misunderstanding that left her in tears
we went to sonic to cheer up and riley dropped his lemonade before he got a sip
riley tinkled in the sand at sonic
lance and i didn't get to bed till 11 and were awakened to griffin teething/crying at 5.

as a mom, it's easy to find the things that are exhausting.  
TODAY, by the LORD'S wonderful GRACE, i am overlooking exhausting and seeing joys.

look who is holding his own bottle.


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