Thursday, October 20, 2011


kara and i had our first BIG event.  we were asked to make:

two bridal cakes (one to cut and one to freeze)
300 cupcakes
a cookie cake for the groom
100 cookies

the wedding was outdoors and the reception was in an amazing barn!

the bride wanted "f" pennants in every cupcake

the colors were coral, leaf green, and cornflower blue

we tried to take the "tacky" out of cookie cake and give it a more polished look.  what do you think?

the individual cookies were in an old card catalog box... brides cute.

thanks blake and amanda for letting us be part of your special day!
PCM will be getting a check in the week to come!!!  YEAH!


  1. WOW~! That's a tremendous amount of work.....especially with four kiddos...more than that, counting Kara's kiddos too! You both are amazing.

  2. Way to go and your first big event! They look amazing! Already find myself looking forward to what Allie's birthday cake will look like this year!

  3. Ok this has to be a God thing! It's great! So proud of you!!! I am amazed!
    love you!


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