Tuesday, October 18, 2011

last week

my mom was here to help me out while lance was recruiting.  she came in a smidgen early to watch caleb play soccer.

we had our first real rain in months... so we, of course, played in it!

we bought some beans and the kids have had HOURS of fun playing in them



and generally having all sorts of fun with them

we also got to make a quick trip to watch my niece, taylor, preform at half time

and aunt jeni got to love on the baby

he was quite comfy as you can see

mimi brought some little pumpkins and with a little puff paint they were original creations

allie had columbus day off of school and the kids were dying to know what columbus day was so...
our snack was the nina, pinta, and santa maria (totally stolen from someone brilliant on line).

we borrowed a doll house piece to play the part of Columbus himself and retold the story

and then... they chowed down!

another fun activity that i found on pintrest was taking google eyes and laying them on pictures for a good laugh.  this didn't last long, but it was a funny five minutes.  here are two examples...

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  1. I really, really enjoyed this post! Afraid I'm a tad homesick to see the kiddos, tho. Loved seeing everyone and visiting pintrest (I got lost there for over an hour! :)


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