Thursday, September 29, 2011

jervis wedding

lance had the opportunity to officiate a wedding in Tennessee at the end of our week long adventure.  He married two of our summer staffers that we love dearly and had the blessing of doing premarital counseling with.

Let's start with the reception that was held at the Opryland hotel.
These guys are all pc staff 
(Barrett from the Towers and Mason, Jon, and Ben from the Ranch)

Taylor and Lacey... who, by the way, will be moving here next week.  Taylor will be on full time staff at the Bluffs... YEAH!

lance and taylor
taylor is like a mini me of lance (i think)... he reminds me of lance when we were at the Towers.

lance was not happy about taking a pic alone, but i had to include it.... 
isn't he sooo CUTE!!  ummhmm!

after five straight days with NO break from the kiddos... this moment was MUCH needed!

Now the wedding...
 they had an area set up for fun pictures... you snap a Polaroid and put it in the guest book next to your signature... so fun!
allie came with me and the boys hung out with a friend until the service was over.
this little lady makes my heart smile!
the wedding was on some property that had a house and barn from the 1830's... it was hands down the most beautiful location that i've ever seen for a wedding.  this was the reception tent.

this was the barn where drinks and appetizers were served while pics were taken.

maddie bolin i HEART you!!!

lacey's mom walked her down the aisle as her daddy smiled down from heaven! ;)

check out that view!!

mr. and mrs. jervis... look at taylor's grin! 

love this shot too...
i remember that point when you look at each other and think... 
"oh, my word... we are MARRIED!"

the flowers were stunning

there was a swing in the front yard of the house and the kids spent most of their time on it!

another great pic of almost all my LOVES! 

besides my hot hubby, i was accompanied by the two cutest little guys EVER!  here they are sippin' on IZZE drinks... they thought it was the best party ever!

someone offered to take my pic with the kids drinking our drinks and this was the best one of the bunch!

so there you have it... a week long TN adventure comes to a close!  
thanks to taylor and lacey for the fabulous opportunity to be a part of your amazing day!

** if you want to see more of this special day, click HERE **


  1. is that the most beautiful wedding ever or what?!?!

  2. So beautiful!! What a fun trip!! And you are one hot mama!!! :)


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