Tuesday, October 25, 2011


you know you're married to a good man when he comes home and says, "do you want to get a pedicure?"  


and that is just what happened Saturday.  lance wanted allie and i to get our toes done while we were in town.  it was such a fun time.  i think allie might have been more in heaven than i was!  she was so cute!
she picked "twinkle, twinkle, wink" and i chose "purple with a purpose."  
both very fitting for each of us!
thanks babe!  we were pampered and got some quality time together.  i'm looking forward to lots of fun girly moments with this precious kiddo!

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  1. WOW! That really was a great gesture and from the looks of it, a super fun time for Mommy and daughter. So cute! When I blew up the pictures, it is so obvious that Allie has your cute little toes! It makes this Grammie so proud to have such a thoughtful son that loves and takes care of his fam.....Love you all!


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