Tuesday, September 27, 2011

seven states in six days!

we set out on a week long trip last week.  the preparation for this trip was exhausting, but now that we are back... i can say it was well worth it!

i made clips for each of the kids and told them that if their clips were still on the visor at each stop they could have a starburst.  oh, yes, when you are in the car for 13 hours bribes are a GOOD thing! i am not ashamed!
i also made each of the kids a folder with paper, a zipper pouch with crayons and stickers, and THESE!  i printed the auto and roadside bingo.  we all had the same card and worked together.  they LOVED it!

we left tyler around 3:30 last tuesday.  our first stop was a hyatt place in jackson, MS.  the next morning we drove to tuscaloosa, AL for lunch and then on to knoxville, TN for dinner with these fine folks!  we got to eat with seven of our ranch staffers.
man, they got to see what four kids who have been in a car all day behave like!  HA!  quite the sight! this is just a portion of the table that night.
after dinner we headed to the jones residence were we got a great night's sleep.  the next morning the kids played while the mommies bought groceries and the daddies loaded up the vans...
then -it was off to the smokey mountains!

more to come...

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  1. We've been so anxious to hear about your trip! Keep the pictures coming! I can't imagine four little kiddos in a car for that long! Way to go with the planned activities. Sure looks like a great time with staffers and the Jones'. Glad you're home safe.


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