Thursday, September 15, 2011

ccc sale

we have been participating in the Children's Clothing Consignment Sale for six years now.  it is the perfect way to clothe four kids on a ministry budget.  we sell all the clothes we outgrow and the toys that don't get played with and buy for the next season and size.  it's great!! this year, all the big kids were doing pretty good in their closet and didn't need as much as usual.  griffin, however, needed everything.... i guess clothes don't make it a third time through??

costumes: turtle, spider man, incredibles, and BAYLOR cheerleader.
caleb's loot: star wars pjs, two church shirts, new balance tennis shoes, three pairs of jeans, and a camo puffer vest (in texas - these serve as our coats most days and makes for easy in and outs in the car).
allie's loot: pj pants, puffer vest, three shirts, leggings, a pair of pants, two dresses, boots, and crocks.
riley's loot: four long sleeve tops, two church shirts, cars footed pjs, wind pants, tennis shoes, and his first pair of cleats!
and the biggie... griffin's loot: seven onsies, five pjs, seven pants, two sweatsuits, three rompers.
mommy's loot: giraffe print bag, heels, flats, and monopoly!
every child will have a bday between now and the next sale and we have four to think of for christmas so here is the gift stash for later: allie will get the cutest grey sweatsuit with hand stitched owls and flowers and a blue polka dot travel bag. riley will get a buzz lightyear lunch box. caleb will get the dallas cowboys crocs (brand new). we will decide later who will get the lincoln logs, connecting blocks, and a veggie tale movie.  griffin is getting the bumbo tray.  the formula is not a gift but was a huge find (yes it was unopened... and yes only 5 bucks!)  the pirate ship and word game were going to be gifts, but we gave in and let them gave one fun thing with their clothes!  :)

i didn't get a pic of the scooters, but we bought two that were in amazing shape and we'll buy one more to give the kids for christmas!  

all in all it was such a huge success... now, i'm just waiting for my check to come and see how much we actually spent out of pocket. there hasn't been a sale yet where we spent out of our savings.... so it is soooo worth it!


  1. hey friend...looking forward to talking to you when I get the chance. Just had to let you know that I got Anna the SAME gray dress with the heart on it at our sale...great minds think alike! What good taste you have. Looks like you guys did awesome.

  2. Ah! I've been anxiously waiting to hear all about this sale. LOVE the pirate ship... and owl sweatshirt for Allie! Tell her we can be twins in with our owls!

  3. Looks like you all got blessed! Sure seems like you got some great buys and I'm especially happy that you found a pirate ship for your little pirates! So sorry that I wasn't there to help out.

  4. Love the costumes! So glad Allie will be reppin BU. I do have an adult baylor cheerleader costume...if you know, you and allie decide to go as a squad ;)


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