Sunday, September 4, 2011


i am just emerging from the transition of sending a kiddo to school.  now that we have had two weeks, it is time to get it together.  i have spent some time setting up some things to help me function in the four kid world!

first, menu planning and grocery list.  i typically plan for seven meals (only 5 listed here b/c lance was out of town last week) and put them on the board.  i don't plan which meal which day... instead, i stay flexible so that if i have a fussy baby i can go with an easier meal.  it works for me!

something i'm really excited about it the "busy basket." i heard this idea a long time ago, but never made it happen until recently.

it sits on a shelf out of reach and is filled with toys that the kids like, but i have never really known where to store.  now, when the phone rings or someone comes to the door i can direct my kiddos to the busy basket.  it helps distract them from the 1,000 questions that tend to emerge when i'm suddenly busy. :)

we have also begun a "manners candle" at our dinner table.  we have three manners that we are working on: chewing with your mouth closed, not talking with food in your mouth, and staying seated during the meal.  the candle stays lit as long as everyone is keeping those manners.  when the candle burns all the way down, the family goes out for ice cream!  it is working beautifully!
let's get real... i hardly don't  have time to clean.
these are now located in both bathrooms and the kitchen.  done!

we have always had a snack bucket in the pantry.  now we have one in the fridge.  it is filled with cheese, gogurts, bags of carrots, apple slices, etc.  at snack time - they can pick and mom is hands off.

ahhh, i'm looking forward to getting into a routine and making things as simple as possible this fall season!  now if the weather would drop below 100 degrees it could feel like a fresh start.  ;)


  1. oh you clever girl! There's only two of us now, and my fridge NEVER looks like that! Thank you. I feel horrible now....ha!

  2. Did you get that board at First Monday? My meal list is on a scrap piece of paper on my fridge. That is wayyy cuter!! Miss you!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love the idea of creating a list of meals for the week to choose from instead of trying to stick to a set daily plan. Think I might try that this next week.

  4. We're with you! I'm getting a candle out today! So creative and the ups and downs at our table are getting out of hand. Can't wait to hear school stories. :)


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