Wednesday, September 14, 2011

mom's study {week 2}

we discussed obedience this week.  our teacher, sue johnson, challenged us that if our natural bend is to keep our kids "in line" (which mine is) than we should think of discipline more like leading our children rather than ruling them.  however, if our default is to let the kids do what they want, than we need to learn to rule.  that said, here are my take-aways....

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  1. the definition of obedience is: doing what you're told with a good spirit.  my kids should know that definition and learn to comply.  for the itty bitties the phrase is "i will do it all the way, the right way, the happy way."  see eph 6:1 and col 3:20
  2. expect resistance when you are trying to establish a guidelines for obedience.  resistance can come from the kids, others, and even yourself.  sometimes we parent out of comfort rather than for their character.
  3. you should not give a reason for EVERY thing you ask of your child.  some things need an explanation for learning purposes and other times it is ok to say, "obey without explanation please."

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  1. Keep this coming girl! I love it! And I love your new blog layout...super cute!!


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