Wednesday, September 7, 2011


so i am going to become a spokesperson for staycations.  lance and i just finished a four day staycation and it was WONDERFUL!  my sweet parents picked up the kids and lance and i had some time in our own home/town to do anything we wanted.  we played a little and worked a little.  it was the perfect balance!  here is some of what we did:
we have never been to "the best bingo hall in all of east texas" so, of course, that is how we started our time alone! it was VERY entertaining and (surprisingly) the best part was how nice the people were! lance has never been to a bingo hall and it was fun to watch his competitive personality come out in an event that he is not familiar with!  HA! sad to say we didn't win.

we wanted to be productive too so we decided to freshen up the bathrooms in the house.  first - the paint.  the new color is on the bottom.  it is named chateau and is so rich and warm... i love it!

one afternoon we traveled to the canton trade days and stopped at a bakery and cafe on the way.  it had amazing food, but even more amazing desserts...

here is a look into the guest bathroom-
new paint, hooks, blinds, and fixture

love the idea of putting our ugly wipes box in a planter box.  i have one in the bedroom with diapers on the side instead  of toothbrushes. 

had a cute frame that needed some love... 

our bathroom - new paint, fixture, blinds, and cabinets got some new life!

i think the cabinets can only truly be appreciated if you see the before

and now the after -

other highlights included seeing The Help (best movie i've seen in a long time), grilling steaks at home, and watching some great football games (SIC EM BEARS )!


  1. Yea for a productive and relaxing staycation! The bathrooms look so great..gotta join you at the bingo hall sometime...loved The Help!

  2. Wow! Sounds and looks like you guys were busy little critters. Bathrooms look so fresh and clean! I'm so glad you got to go see "The Help". Great movie! Love the pic of you two!

  3. We recently watched 7 days in Utopia. We thought it was a really good clean movie.

  4. looks so good!!! so glad you guys had fun time together :)

  5. I'm so glad you enjoyed your staycations! -Amber Stewart


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