Thursday, September 8, 2011

mom's study {week 1}


so i'm taking a class through our church about parenting.  i actually took it last year, but i wanted to take it again b/c there was so much good information that i couldn't soak it all up in one session.  i thought i would share a little of what i learn - my "take aways" from each week.  these principles are so valuable that i almost feel selfish keeping them to myself.  And, it may not be anything NEW, but it is a great refresher! so here goes...

this week was the overview and i left with TWO major ideas:

"God isn't asking you to be a perfect parent, 
but a faithful one!"

and that Jesus was the ultimate example of a good teacher.
read john 13.

  • He loves
  • He knows Himself, His children, and His God
  • He is a model
  • He instructs through good questions and very little words
  • He corrects
  • He perseveres without immediate results
  • He encourages
when i look at this list i see several areas that i need help in.  thankfully, i need just be faithful!

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  1. wow, I wish I could take that class! I feel very inadequate these days as a mom. Keep posting summaries of the class because I loved this first summary!


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