Friday, April 20, 2012

kids' bathroom

so i realize that the kids' bathroom is not the most exciting post, but it's what i have to work with right now. this is our friend, david, helping us out one night.  he was busy taking all the hardware off the walls and prepping this room for painting when i came in and expressed my desire to have the mirror removed.  
and down it came!
thanks daver!
as you can see... the mint green was a favored color in this home and before that... terracotta color!  as much as i like both of those colors - we decided to use the coastal villa (same as the boys' room) in here.
my precious friend alli (wife of said mirror remover, david) gave us a mirror that they weren't using to replace the one removed on a crazy impulse.  
it had more of an oriental flare that didn't seem to jive so, of course, i painted it.
here it is before:

afterwards, we had a grey bathroom with orange accents

down the road, we plan on staining the cabinets black like we did at our old house.  love how those turned out.  you can see those HERE.

now here is where my blog turns into reader participation... see that rather large section of floor and wall space?  my thought is to put in a bench with storage so that laundry can be thrown inside.  if you ever see a black bench with storage, let me know.  or else, my hubby is going to have another project and, believe me, he's had plenty. ;)

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  1. Gee. Could this possibly end up looking like a "Go Pokes" bathroom when you're all finished??? Love it!


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