Wednesday, April 18, 2012

roll out your letter!

today is a great day.  the sun is shining. i had bible study.  my kids are a joy. 

and man,  oh man, don't i wish that was the norm.  

but the reality is that most days look much foggier than that.  and maybe you're one of my friends in the fog - the sun isn't shining quite so bright.  you just asked your child in your not so restrained voice (wink, wink) for the fifth time to stop ______________.  you fill in the blank. you aren't even sure where your bible is right now and even if you found it, it has been so long since you've read it that you wouldn't really know where to begin.  is that you?

i was reminded of the gloomier days by some of the ladies in my study today.  trying to get pregnant with no success.  finding out about uncertain health related issues.  trying to sell a house with no potential buyers.  dealing with ongoing health issues that make you sick everyday and interrupt normal life.  walking through menopause.  girls, the junk is out there!  and many times, we don't even know how to pray.  in which case, we throw up our hands and praise the LORD for the words of Romans 8:26 telling us not to worry, the Spirit himself prays on our behalf!  

as i sat in that circle today, i was thinking on some recent and not so recent days that seemed so clouded.  i clung to the ever so popular story of King Hezekiah in 2kings 18 and 19.  not familiar?... nor was i until a friend shared it with me as to shed a little light into my fog.  and so, i thought i would share as to spread that light for those that find themselves without words to pray and without light to see. i'm going to paraphrase, but i want to encourage you to read God's word for yourself.  he reveals different things to everyone! here goes-

  • The Assyrian king is threatening Jerusalem
  • The Assyrians are powerful and have "laid waste to many nations and destroyed their lands"
  • The Assyrian officials are trying to discredit king Hezekiah.
  • Hezekiah surrounded himself with trusted advisers
  • Hezekiah received a letter from the Assyrians explaining what kind of devastation they were going to bring upon Jerusalem
  • Hezekiah took the letter to the temple of the LORD and spread it out, praying that the LORD would hear, see, and deliver them.
  • that very night 185,000 Assyrian soldiers dropped dead

what?? crazy, amazing story.  is our God not incredible!?  so what is it, friends... what is written on your letter?  what can you not handle?  what is too hard?  what is too big?  we can't do it, but he has an answer! he has an outcome!  he has the solution!  i guarantee that king Hezekiah didn't see that one coming.  and i'm sure you couldn't even dream up the way he's going to answer your prayer... but he does have a rescue plan.  it might not be spelled out your way - but it does exist.  don't lose hope.  roll out your letter, surrender control, submit to HIS ways and watch for his light to shatter your darkest days!


  1. This was just the right message at just the right time. God has used you in a mighty way in my heart today!

  2. I've read this message alot over the past couple of days. Today, more than ever it is just what I needed. I too have had foggy days in the past, am having one today actually, but I know joy commeth in the morning. God is good ALL the time! I know that He will provide answers and "light" the way.

  3. Thanks! I really needed to read that right now!


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