Tuesday, April 17, 2012

boys room

the boys' room had three light blue walls and dark blue wall (not quite a navy).  not bad colors, but didn't go with everything we would be bringing in and that ceiling fan was mammoth!


we painted the room coastal villa, took down that fan, and set up the bunk bed!

caleb has a spot for pictures and art. 
AND i love the plantation shutters. are you a fan? we have them throughout and i'm super dooper thankful! ;)

a little reading spot.  lance got these for a $1 a piece at a movie theater years ago.  he made a base for them and now they look like stadium seating in this sports themed room.

a baseball bat, framed Wrigley field, and i'd call this room DONE and DONE!

however, every parent knows that the best part of a kid's room is the organization.  it can be cute as can be, but if you're not organized... it won't stay cute. 
those lockers are holding the small toys:

tubs in the bottom of the closet hold frequently requested toys (just in their reach... no assistance needed)

and tubs in the top of the closet hold BIG toys or things with a million pieces. so far this is working well and heaven knows (although it is silly) that i LOVE matching tubs. ;)

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  1. Great JOB! I am loving your house pictures. The huge baseball bat is so cool. I love the lockers and movie seats. Your matching storages makes me smile because I am the same way. Keep the pictures coming.


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