Saturday, April 14, 2012

let's get started

so i told you that we painted all the rooms except one.  let me explain.  the before pictures are not horrible as with some houses that people flip.  however, lance and i LOVE warm colors and this house most definitely had all cool paint colors.  

and just in case you were wondering, this is one way that you paint an entire house in four days with kids...
paint can become entertainment. haha

let's start with the master bedroom.  this minty green color had to go!  ;)


more details on this room later.  but here is a shot from the exact same spot.  we used chateau paint by behr. bye, bye minty green!


  1. Love the neighborhood, new house, floor plan, and new paint colors. Especially love the added features of four great "energetic" grandchildren, filling the entire home with joy! I had a great visit and loved visiting Watermark too. What a great place!

  2. What a difference new paint makes! Lookin' good.


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