Friday, April 13, 2012

90 days later

we moved to the dallas area the last week in december and now, 90 days later, we have a house!  to say we were excited would be a HUGE understatement and to say that we are grateful would be even more of one.  we know that the purchase of this home did not come of our own accord.  many, many people gave graciously in many ways to make this dream come true and for that we can NEVER say enough thank yous!

the night we got the keys, we had "pizza and prayer" in the new house.  if i'm being totally honest... the kids were so wound up and hyper that it turned into "pizza and run through an empty house."  haha! our hearts were in the right place, LORD. ;)

here is the front... i have a feeling the shutters and door will get an update sometime in the future.
the tree swing was an addition lance made because everyone hangs out in their front yards and the neighbors had one too so... well, unless we wanted to keep asking them if the kids could swing... it was a must!

this is the view down our street and the path to pick A up from school.  we walk most days because it is oh, so close.

we are loving our home and our neighborhood.  the LORD totally provided (why do i ever doubt?).  i was so nervous to move to the "big city" and this area feels so small town. A's school has only two kindergarten classes!  i can't believe it, especially considering that we are about 8 minutes from 635.  the next few days i will be posting some before and after pics because we did paint every room but one. 


  1. it's so pretty! that street is so charming :) hooray house!

  2. Love it! This post (along with God's word) gives me hope! Seriously, why DO I doubt? Love your gratitude...I'd better get myself over there to see the completed inside in person before you blog pics!


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