Monday, April 16, 2012

details of the master

my favorite piece in our bedroom is this side table.  rustic. teal blue. ahh. 
i LOVE it!
my sweet sister gave it to me and it makes me smile.
(i apparently need to do something about the cord that hangs down)

i also love that the room is big enough to have a quiet spot chair.  this chair was in my parents bedroom at one point and now ours.  early morning readings and snuggles with kids are going to be so cozy! i'm on the hunt for a small, round side table to sit just between the bed and the chair.
this is the dresser on the wall across from our bed. the mirror takes an already large room and makes it feel really spacious!

and for some reason this room has a little nook just as you walk in... it holds our tall dresser, a catch all basket, and a lamp.
 that's our space! a few little additions and we will be all set in it!


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