Thursday, March 15, 2012

closing out a chapter

it has been almost three weeks now that we closed on our home in tyler, but i forgot to post these pictures.  we are getting close to the close on our richardson home so i thought i better get with it! 

we took one more walk through our empty house with the kiddos.  it felt so big (especially after our living situation the last few months).  we had to pause and pray, thanking the LORD for the provision of that house and the wonderful memories he allowed us to create there, including bringing home all four of our children. 


we loved that house...
see that light switch cover?
we left our story on the other side of it.

we had to leave a part of us somewhere!  :)
i wished that i would have had a skinny sharpie, but we did the best we could with what was in the car

and with that we had one more uhual to get to dallas.  this day was a beating.
we didn't ask anyone to help us.
we had our kiddos with us.
griffin was throwing up that day.
it was A W E S O M E.

the good news was that the kiddos were just the cutest little helpers!
see riley carrying a board from the play yard?

and helping me carry a drawer.

caleb rolling the cooler down the ramp.

and allie stacking up more boards.  i love that the play yard pieces are all over these pictures b/c it was a LARGE act of LOVE on the part of my husband to take it apart, move it, and one day reassemble it.  i love you baby... thanks for thinking of the things that are special and important to me!

what an awful pic of us, but LOOK what's behind us??!!  an empty uhaul... and that means EVERYTHING we own is in one city again.  woohoo. 

and now to just get it all moved to a house.  ;)

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  1. wow! This post is my fav. Love seeing ya'll load up and I love the note you left behind. So many memories for us too! All but ONE of the memories of our many stays there are happy ones....only one memory stands out as being traumatic. I can still remember precisely where Dad and I were the night Lance entered the bedroom and said that there was a problem with Caleb's heart. With a thankful heart, I know that the God that protected you all then, is the same God that is still protecting you today and HE has continued blessings for all of you!May you be as happy in your new home in Richardson as you have been at Look Out Lake Circle! That was a beautiful place for memories!


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